• 01/14/2011 | Medical News Today - New Method Will Triple Amount of Genetic Information From Newborn Blood Spot Screenings
    Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) researchers have developed a method that can yield more information from archived newborn blood that has implications... Click to View
  • 12/06/2010 | Amy Kuras - Michigan Biotrust for Health spots opportunities in blood
    Research Corridor... Click to View
  • 12/01/2010 | Nancy Maddox - Inside a Drop of Blood - Privacy Concerns, Children's Health.
    Lab Matters Winter 2010, 16-21 ... Click to View
  • 08/27/2010 | Grand Rapids Press Editorial - Infant blood tests present treasure trove of material for research
    ... Click to View
  • 08/26/2010 | Kyla King - Citing privacy concerns, Michigan hospitals will start asking parents to store newborn blood spots for research
    Grand Rapids Press... Click to View
  • 04/08/2010 | Robin Erb - In blood debate, new consent effort aims to open research doors.
    Detroit Free Press - April 8, 2010 pp 1;4 ... Click to View
  • 03/04/2010 | Sharon Kurda- Genetic Alliance - The Public's Perception Related to Uses of Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spots
    Genetic Alliance... Click to View
  • 02/18/2010 | NHLBI, CDC Launch Surveillance and Research Program for Inherited Blood Diseases
    Six states to study sickle cell diseases and thalassemias in national pilot project... ... Click to View
  • 12/01/2009 | State agrees to destroy more than 5 million stored blood samples from newborns
    Destruction of samples stored for possible medical research ends lawsuit against state... ... Click to View
  • 07/16/2009 | Kim Kozlowski - Need to Test Blood? Ask First
    Detroit News - Most parents will agree to having their newborns' blood studied if they're asked for permission, according to a University of Michigan study ... Click to View
  • 07/01/2009 | Robert Bryan - A Closer Look at Biobanking
    Genomics Law Report... Click to View
  • 06/02/2009 | Kim Kozlowski - Biobank created from baby blood samples
    Detroit News - A decision 25 years ago to save blood collected from newborns in Michigan has the state poised to become a leader in disease research... Click to View
  • 06/01/2009 | Gongswer News Service D.C.H., 3 Universities Team up for ‘Biobank’
    The Department of Community Health, in partner with the Van Andel Institute, Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, is developing a... ... Click to View
  • 05/15/2009 | Diana Gitig - Moving Beyond DNA
    Science Magazine… ... Click to View
  • 05/08/2009 | GenVault’s DenSolve™ Reagents Enable State-of-the-Art Genomic Analysis of Dried Blood Spots
    Life Sciences World… ... Click to View
  • 05/06/2009 | Press Release Bethesda MD
    The American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) has issued a new Position Statement ... Click to View
  • 05/01/2009 | American College of Medical Genetics affirms importance of newborn screening dried blood spots
    The American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) has issued a new Position Statement on the Importance of Residual Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spots…... Click to View
  • 04/14/2009 | MODEL D - TechTown welcomes BioTrust bank’s blood samples, research…
    The Michigan Neonatal BioTrust is open and ready for business in TechTown's... ... Click to View
  • 04/10/2009 | Jennifer Couzin-Frankel - Newborn Blood Collections: Science Gold Mine, Ethical Minefield.
    Science 10 April 2009:Vol. 324. no. 5924, pp. 166 – 168... Click to View
  • 04/05/2009 | Tom Henderson - BioTrust banks on research: TechTown rescues samples
    Crain's Detroit Business - Medical researchers nationwide will soon have access to about 3.5 million blood samples collected over the past 44 years from... ... Click to View

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